to each a season

A timely observation from my daughter Kathryn, beautifully stated.

Bloom & Grow

It’s funny how people come in and out of your life. How some people are there for longer seasons and others for just a short while. Some people haven’t ever left. And some have never really came.

Whenever I travel it astounds me how many people there are in the world. Every driver that passes me on the highway. Every passenger on a crowded metro. Every waiter, waitress, cashier, shopkeeper, officer, musician, artist, chef, mother, father, student, child. Each one has their own life. Their own piece of reality. Their own struggles. Their own triumphs. Their own families. Their own friends. Their own moments of joy. Their own moments of sadness. Their own loneliness. Their own thoughts.

It’s humbling to think about. To think about how big the world is that it contains so many other lives. How small my problems and my own piece of reality are compared to it all…

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The Privilege Of Preaching

The Privilege Of Preaching..

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a new journey

This is my daughter, Kathryn, writing about my son, Matt — and about our Lord God, His gracious care, and the kindness of His people…

Bloom & Grow

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Grace. Free unmerited favor. Poured out lavishly. And bringing with it unthinkable peace.

God has certainly lifted my heart and my hands these past few weeks. He’s made me stop in my tracks. He’s brought me to moments of grief and struggle. Yet, he has also gifted me with moments of joy and rest.

My not-so-little little brother, Matthew, was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called Ewings Sarcoma. As with most cancer diagnoses, it was a completely unexpected blow.

He was rushed in for an emergency back surgery. A tumor, which doctors were confident wasn’t cancerous, was pressing on his spinal cord and could’ve resulted in paralysis. My first day of teaching this month was the day of his surgery. I got the message that he was out of surgery as I was leaving school, and let me tell you the drive home…

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The Curious Case of the First Man

The Curious Case of the First Man.

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Sometimes you just need to ask for help. (A life lesson that I still have not learned).

Rebekah Bissett.

I’m a fairly stubborn person. This tends to feed into my independent, do-it-yourself, workaholic personality. This past year hasn’t been the easiest—as a just slightly less than broke college student I work throughout the school year, summer, and holidays to pay for tuition. I am quite determined to be self-supporting, a goal which, as a full-time student racked with college debt, has proved to be a somewhat idealistic goal.

My motivation in the pursuit of self-sufficiency is largely rooted in the belief that I can do anything and everything. You know that blanket statement people like to rattle off—”you can do anything you but your mind too? Well, it’s not true.

You can’t do everything.

This is a lesson that has been dropped on my doorstep (or, more realistically, this lesson has pushed the door down, run over my welcome mat, and rolled right into my living room) on more…

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Looking into the River and Seeing our Future

Neat, well-written thoughts on local rivers and life.

Mohawk Valley Mural

I went down to Tivoli three times in June to buy books. Down into the Hudson Valley, so connected to the Mohawk Valley as to be one valley and both rivers to be one river. But we don’t think of it that way because we travel on roads, and we cross rivers on bridges, and cars carry us effortlessly across geographic and topographic barriers like mountains and rivers, they don’t seem to exist anymore. And with the radio on, the air conditioner on and the windows closed, we are like John Travolta in The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, completely isolated from the smells, sounds and scenery we are passing through at 65, 70 or more miles an hour.

But the Mohawk River/Erie Canal and Hudson River/Champlain Canal tie eastern and central New York together in a way that is more permanent and beautiful than the 570 miles of black…

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Guarding your wallet?

Today over at the DesiringGod blog Marshall Segal writes about money (“Four Questions to Keep Close to Your Wallet”). His opening line is right on: “It’s hard to imagine many things more maligned in Scripture than money.”
He opens by putting the topic in the big picture for Christians –—

At the end of the day, we must each know our own hearts and be willing to ask what role money is playing in our thoughts and affections. Is it a means of worshiping God or a means of replacing him? Is our budget highlighting the sufficiency and worth of Christ or has it become a reason for boasting in or treasuring something other than him?

He then presents & discusses four questions we should be asking:

1. Is my spending marked by Christian generosity?

2. What does my spending say about what makes me most happy?

3. Does my spending suggest I’m collecting for this life?

4. Is my spending explicitly supporting the spread of the gospel?

I encourage you to click through and read the whole thing at the DesiringGod blog. Thanks Marshall Segal.

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