Tea Party Prevarication

Prevarication: to speak or act in an evasive way; origins in the Latin praevaricat– ‘walked crookedly, deviated.’ Here is a straight shot, employing great logic, with great consequences in a blog posting at Desiring God.

“Tea Party Prevarication” by John Piper

According to the New York Times “The Tea Party leaders . . . deliberately avoid discussion of issues like . . . abortion. . . . [They] argue that the country can ill afford the discussion about social issues when it is passing on enormous debts to future generations.”

Let me see if I understand this term “ill afford”.

Is this it? Enormous debt will hurt our children and grandchildren. Therefore don’t talk about the lawfulness of whether they can be killed.

Something like that?

49,551,703 dead….

On this date in 1973, the US Supreme Court made a horrific decision to legalize abortion throughout the country. Since that date, the consequences of Roe v. Wade are 49,551,703 children killed in the womb. More info here.

We do thank God that the annual number of abortions has declined in recent years, but abortion remains an evil stain upon our land. Let us pray and work to undo this wretched legal situation, and protect and sanctify life in the womb.


Welcome to the World, Trig Paxson Van Palin

Alaska Governor Sara Palin is now in the national spotlight as the GOP nominee (to be) for Vice President of the United States. When she and husband Todd were 4 months into the pregnancy of their 5th child, they were told the baby had downs syndrome. One of the keenest Christian thinkers of our day, Dr Al Mohler, has re-posted his article about the birth of this little boy named Trig. You can read it HERE.

Praise the Lord for men and women of intergrity, putting pro-life views into acts of compassion and righteousness.

Disappointment with Obama’s ‘moral’ answers

Let me comment on ONE of the items from the recent Saddleback Civil Forum, particularly the answers of Barak Obama on key moral issues of our day.

WHEN DOES A BABY GAIN CIVIL RIGHTS? In a rhetorical dodge, Obama said answering such a question was “above his pay grade.” As president, will he not need to protect the civil rights of all Americans? Shouldn’t a president have an answer to this question? Of course! Yet this same US Senator doggedly supports the taking of life in abortions.

When asked, Senator McCain said very simply: “life begins at conception” — and, thus, civil rights for the unborn do as well. Amen.

Fellow believers: If you listen to the positions of the two candidates for president, there are some clear differences that ought to inform your vote.